We help startups and enterprises validate and grow product ideas without wasting time and money

Our lean approach built on experimentation, feedback collection, and data analytics takes the guesswork out of digital product building.



Swiftly architect, design, and build the smallest and simplest possible product iteration that would be able to validate the product’s value and growth hypothesis.



Put the built iteration in front of your target users and make them use it. Gather feedback and collect analytics data to understand the iteration performance.



Analyze the performance of the launched iteration and understand whether to scale further, adjust the hypotheses, or make a pivot. Repeat the Build-Measure-Learn cycle.

We build products that create value


Increase revenue and drive retention with Bama – the visitor-driven collaborative background music provider.


Slash cart abandonment and increase conversions with Rapid Checkout™ — the faster, smarter, all-in-one checkout.


Your entire music brand in one place. Share content through Ryddm and get paid directly by your fans.

Our services


Product management

We help you to grow your product quickly and generate more value with fewer struggles using innovative product management techniques.

  • Lean product management
  • Market and customer research
  • Data analytics and A/B testing

Design & Development

We create a thoughtfully designed product with efficiency and quality thanks to well-coordinated agile teams and a robust technology stack.

  • UX and UI design
  • Full-cycle development
  • Web / Mobile / Desktop

Deployment & Scaling

We create a scalable, resilient, and cost-effective cloud deployment for providing uninterrupted service to customers across the globe.

  • Cloud infrastructure management (AWS)
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Infrastructure scaling and support
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We distill the value and growth hypotheses and conduct a set of experiments to validate them.


We create a product strategy and roadmap, beginning the iterative work on improving and growing the product