The prime examples of our work are:

1. Lemmy an AI super-assistant for work.
“Experience your personalised AI chat bot that integrates with your daily tools to understand your work.”
2. AwayAway an intelligent AI trip planner.
“We combine the knowledge of expert travel professionals with the power of AI to create bespoke travel recommendations faster than you can find your passport.”
3. Rapid Checkout the faster, smarter, all-in-one checkout platform.
“Lousy checkouts mean frustrated customers, and frustrated customers say BUH-BYE. Our sleek and simple checkout means fewer dropouts and more sales.”
4. Bullseye  an audience engine for B2B marketers.
“Create audiences of exclusively your ideal customer profile using 100+ data points. Then reach them on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.”
5. ProperKey — business automation for letting agencies.
“ProperKey is a consolidated business automation and customer service platform for small- and mid-sized letting agencies growing in the UK market.”
6. Auxillary AI – an AI copilot for SaaS platforms.
“An intelligent copilot built into your platform. A smarter, more responsive way of interacting with your SaaS platform.”
Here’s how we do it:
1. Product Management inspired by the Lean Startup approach.
"The founders of lean start-ups don’t begin with a business plan; they begin with the search for a business model. Only after quick rounds of experimentation and feedback reveal a model that works do lean founders focus on execution."
2. Project Management based on the Shape Up method.
"The Shape Up Method helps product teams think more deeply about the right problems much earlier in the development process and start shipping meaningful products on time."
3. A Dedicated Team that works with you long-term.
You get a dedicated team that knows your project inside out and sticks with you from start to finish. Simple as that. 
And here’s our technical stack:
1. TypeScript with React.js for front-end development. 
2. Golang or Node.js for back-end API development.
3. Python for AI/ML-related functionality. 
4. AWS with Terraform for infrastructure management. 
5. GitHub as the development and DevOps platform.