We are Softcery, we turn ideas into successful products. We were founded in 2019 by two friends seeking to create a company they would love to work in.

We started by doing projects on Upwork. Some were successful, like PlaylistController, giving us experience and loyal clients. Some were not, like OneTapHello, giving us a lot of headache and a lesson to remember.

Our tipping point happened in late 2020, when we understood that what we actually love is not software development, it's working on raw ideas, shaping them with our thoughts and actions.We also realised that just a few people working on free schedule are not going to do it. We need to grow and to expand our experise into new areas that will allow us build, launch, and support truly successful products.

So we embarked on our journey to create a company that turns ideas into successful products. In the past year, we've grown from 2 people to 9. We'll soon be releasing Ryddm, the revolutionary music streaming platform that we've been working on for quite a long now. We're also launching We Partner Up and Playlist Makr.

You can get to know more about us by reading our blog, reviewing our case studies, or by coming to work with us. If you're looking to partner up or to just say hi, don't hesitate to contact us at hi@softcery.com.